The Top 7 Behaviors That Make An HR Manager A Rising Star

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About This Course:
A lot of individuals who move up the career ladder in HR have come from individual contributor roles: Payroll Administrator, HR Specialist/Generalist, Benefits Administrators, FMLA Coordinators, or Administrative Assistants, to name a few.

These are important roles; however, they are different in scope of responsibilities, level of authority, and level of influence within the organization than those required to be a successful HR manager.

Essentially, in making the career transition to a management position, the core competencies change dramatically, and, without knowing how to shift behavior to perform well in a leadership role, the tendency of the newly-promoted is to continue working the same way. Unfortunately, this is not the correct or most productive way to start your management career.

Yes, moving into leadership can be uncomfortable. When a leader goes to work every day, on top of the box is the boss/business owner and the higher-ups who create "top down" pressure to get things accomplished. From the sides are pressures from peers who also needs things accomplished, but also may have other agendas that don't align with HR's.

Also, "bottom up" pressure is exerted by direct reports who need clear direction, prioritization of their work, coaching, feedback, mentoring, help resolving conflicts, professional development, etc.

As such, working effectively as a manager requires different skills than working as an individual contributor, as your performance is measured on much more than just your own accomplishment of tasks.

What You'll Learn:

In this informative session, you will learn what it takes to work in management from an experienced HR leader with nearly 25 years of experience in successfully running departments and leading others. You'll also learn how to identify the areas in which you need professional development so you can improve your skills right away and get on the road to being a top performer!

Benefits of attending this 90-minute audio conference include:

  • Understanding the shift in role from individual contributor to leader of others
  • Understanding negative trends in HR that lead to a bad reputation and cause HR to lose credibility in the organization
  • How to improve your personal brand image now that you're in management
  • How to shift your focus from being a "Task Master" to a "People Leader"
  • Understanding the Difference between Managing and Leading
  • Learn the 12 Core Competencies for HR Managers and how to demonstrate them
  • Learn the 7 Key Ingredients in the Recipe for Employee Motivation and Engagement
  • How to become a strategic business partner through building relationships as a trusted adviser and compliance consultant
The Top 7 Behaviors That Make An HR Manager A Rising Star
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