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When the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA) was passed, it was touted as one of the greatest bipartisan acts of the late 20th century.

A win for the American worker, FMLA allowed employees to take unpaid leave in order to care for immediate family members in their charge without penalty from their employer.

What no one could anticipate was how complicated the rules and use of FMLA would be. For instance: Who is considered an immediate family member? How does a company cover someone's workload when he or she is gone? Can an employee use FMLA in pieces or must it be used all at once?

For HR professionals, FMLA certification training seminars are vital to the legal and ethical administration of FMLA leave.

Need FMLA Certification Training?

Rather than performing Internet searches looking for credentialed instructors and online courses, has the FMLA certificate courses you need. From basic FMLA training to coursework that offers a "Certified FMLA Administrator" designation, our seminars offer up-to-date information in compliance with the latest FMLA regulations and employer compliance strategies.

Don't get caught in the complex, confusing loopholes. Even though the FMLA regulations are complex, confusing, and present loopholes that are easy to exploit, organizations must still comply. That said, companies should not be reluctant to deny leave or terminate troublesome employees for fear of being sued. The solution: get trained on FMLA compliance and stay up-to-date and in compliance on the latest FMLA regulations and employer compliance strategies with our FMLA training courses!

Our FMLA training seminars, online courses, webinars, and certifications can help you navigate compliance with federal law while rooting out abuse and without fear of adverse legal action.

You Will Learn The Following With Our FMLA Certification Compliance Training Courses

From in-person FMLA training seminars to online courses, webcasts, audio conferences, and other FMLA certificate coursework leading to the "Certified FMLA Administrator" designation, can help you learn:
    fmla training & certification program
  • Who is covered and why
  • Employee Eligibility And Leave Entitlement
  • Paid and unpaid leave options
  • Intermittent and reduced-schedule leaves
  • Special rules for school employees
  • Employer posting requirements
  • Notifications
  • Communicating with employees who are out of work
  • Medical Certifications
  • Fitness-for-duty testing
  • Return-to-work options
  • FMLA job and benefits restoration
  • Tracking leave
  • Ending Leave
  • Strategies for identifying abuse, how to effectively document FMLA to confront abusers, and how to take effective steps managing FMLA abuse investigations
  • Recent changes to the FMLA that make it easier for employers to curb abuse
  • How to leverage your internal resources to prevent FMLA abuse
  • How to identify abuse and the individuals you need to involve in an internal investigation
  • The basic steps in how to conduct an effective investigation and how to acquire physical, documentary, and testimonial evidence
  • Documentation strategies that protect your organization
The Importance of FMLA Certification Training Seminars

The only way to make sure you are in compliance with federal law is to thoroughly understand it. Unfortunately, many HR professionals simply don't have the time or resources to make sure they are abreast of all of the FMLA intricacies and the latest strategies to navigate the process of administering leave. As a result, they expose their organizations to lawsuits for non-compliance, even when the employee is abusing the system.

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Taking an FMLA certificate course will not only help your employees receive the leave they deserve, it also will help you root out those who would abuse the policy without exposing your company to legal problems. Don't wait. Begin your FMLA training today by starting one of our online FMLA classes, signing up for in-person training, or calling us for more information about the Certified FMLA Administrator designation.

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Listed below are some of our most-popular FMLA training courses. Either select one of these recommended courses or select "FMLA" from the "Professional Development" section of the search box below. Note: Earn your FMLA certificate with our best-selling "Certificate Program In FMLA And ADA Compliance".
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