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2023 Live & Online HR Seminars

Enhance Your Career With An HR Training Seminar!

Explore Our Live & Online HR Seminars

A seminar or virtual conference is a training session that typically lasts between one and five days, and is conducted either in person at a hotel or some other venue or via video conference over the internet.

Certificate Program For HR Generalists

This course is available in both in-person and video conference formats.

Simply select your desired date below for more details about gaining vital employment law knowledge, critical strategies to perfect your HR skills, and earn your HR Generalist Certificate!

Internal Investigations Certificate Program

This course is available in both in-person and video conference formats. Simply select your desired date below for practical tools, tips, and techniques on how to conduct a successful workplace or internal investigation.

Certificate Program In FMLA & ADA Compliance

This course is available in both in-person and video conference formats. Simply select your desired date below for practical tools, tips, and techniques you need to effectively manage your FMLA and ADA compliance responsibilities.

Payroll Law Seminar

A Day That Brings Clarity To Your Payroll Gray Areas! The first time you're hit with a violation on payroll, you'll recognize just how crucial it is to understand all payroll regulations for your business. Don't let it happen to you. Learn all the ins, outs, and pitfalls of payroll with one of our payroll law seminars. Armed with the strategies you'll gain at this seminar, you'll handle payroll accurately, legally, and with complete confidence!

Managing HR In California

By attending this one-day program, you will gain insight into California’s wage and hour laws, Pay & Scheduling requirements, leaves, California’s safe workplace requirements, and more.

Human Resources For Anyone With Newly Assigned HR Responsibilities

New to HR? Let's get started! If you're new to HR or you've recently taken on HR commitments as part of your job, this training is an exciting "crash course" in the basics! It covers everything from legislation affecting OSHA, COBRA, FLSA, ADA, FMLA, and HIPAA to the best practices in benefits, recordkeeping, hiring, firing, and discrimination.

The Essentials Of HR Law

Get a new perspective on your HR challenges and new tools for meeting them confidently and legally! In one information-packed seminar, you'll learn what you need to know to handle the legal issues and gray areas you face every day.

Workers' Comp Training Seminar

Learn Workers Compensation Law And Your Compliance Requirements You might be very surprised about how much money you could save with proper knowledge of workers' compensation compliance requirements. In this information-packed seminar, you'll discover a wealth of strategies, insider tips, tools, and more to help you manage your entire workers' compensation plan more effectively.

OSHA Compliance Seminar

Sign Up For This Seminar Now And Avoid Costly OSHA Slip-Ups In The Future! Attend this powerful one-day seminar and discover how to make sure your workplace is safe, secure, and OSHA compliant.

Certificate Program For HR Leadership

This workshop is designed for experienced HR professionals looking to advance in their careers and/or take on a more strategic approach in their organization.

A Crash Course For The First-Time Manager Or Supervisor

You Earned Your New Supervisor Position...This Training Will Help You Make The Most Of It! Attend this one-day training seminar and gain all the skills and insights you need to lead with confidence.

How To Supervise People

Now, Supervisor Training Power-Packed With Fresh Ideas To Motivate You And Your Team! You'll learn how to provide meaningful praise, enhance your communication skills, and keep top performers at their maximum level without burning out.

Managing Multiple Priorities, Projects And Deadlines

Prioritize Crucial Projects, Manage Conflicting Demands, Reduce Pressure, And Master Multiple Tasks With Confidence This powerful one-day seminar teaches you the all-important skills that will help you deal with dozens of top priorities.

Dealing With Difficult People

Learn Successful Strategies For Working With Difficult People This training gives you concrete techniques for dealing with difficult people, both in the workplace and at home.

Developing Emotional Intelligence

Boost your emotional intelligence...enhance your workplace relationships...and turbo-charge your career! If you're looking for a way to improve your relationships across your organization, understand how and why others behave the way they do, and achieve greater success in all your job-related endeavors, our "Developing Emotional Intelligence" seminar is one you don't want to miss!

How To Communicate With Tact And Professionalism

Learn How To Communicate More Effectively! This seminar teaches the essential skills you need to become a more polished, persuasive communicator. You'll gain insights into everything from making a good impression, to motivating people, to intervening in tense situations.

Certificate In Essentials Of Human Resource Management Seminar

Attend this seminar and you will: 1) improve your on-the-job performance and skills...immediately; 2) increase your confidence in dealing with complex workplace issues; and 3) increase your value to your organization.

Advanced Internal Investigations Certificate Program

The Advanced Internal Investigations Certificate Program is an advanced course on internal investigations. It goes beyond the basic what, why, and how of conducting an internal investigation and focuses primarily on advanced investigatory issues.

Certificate In Employee Relations Law Seminar

Get Updated On Employment Law The seminar is presented by prominent employment law attorneys who are also excellent presenters. The focus is on the practical implications of the law and what steps participants can take on the job to cope with the complex requirements of the various laws and regulations in areas such as Title VII compliance, harassment, discrimination, dealing with labor unions, drug testing, alternative dispute resolution, FMLA, ADA, FLSA and much more.

Leadership, Team-Building And Coaching Skills For Managers And Supervisors

Make Your Supervisors The Best! This innovative one-day team-building seminar is designed to teach you powerful employee coaching methods to turn even problem employees into super-productive, motivated winners!

Business Writing For Results

Learn The Best Techniques For Business Writing This seminar focuses on day-to-day writing, bringing you up to speed with skills that will be useful to you for the rest of your life.
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HR Seminar FAQs

In business since the mid-1990's, we have over 25 years of experience delivering high-quality training content via seminar, webinar, online, and other formats.

Each of our HR Events is delivered by an industry expert who will share his or her years of experience to help you be in compliance, smarter, and more productive. Most titles are available via Live or On-Demand formats, and almost all offer SHRM and HRCI credits.
A seminar or virtual conference is a training session that typically lasts between one and five days, and is conducted either in-person at a hotel or some other venue or via video conference over the Internet.
You get the exact same training during either format. The only difference is that you attend a seminar in-person at a hotel or conference facility, whereby you attend from your home of office with a virtual (video) conference. The only real difference is that you have less travel and hotel costs with the virtual options.
Yes! Our seminars typically offer anywhere between 6 and 40 re-certification credits for the following accreditations:
  • PHR Re-Certification Credits
  • SPHR Re-Certification Credits
  • HRCI Re-Certification Credits
  • SHRM Re-Certification Credits
  • SHRM CPSM Re-Certification Credits
  • SHRM SCPSM Re-Certification Credits

Find Best-Selling Online And In-Person HR Training Programs

We offer many best-selling online and in-person HR certification program training courses for your career needs.Search our best-selling Live and Online HR seminars and human resource workshops. Most are available in both in-person and virtual formats, and almost all offer SHRM and HRCI credits.
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